Political Pro Shop

The Political Pro Shop section of POLITICAL PROPHET® is devoted to campaign professionals who assist conservative candidates and issue campaigns.  

We define “campaign professionals” as “Individuals whose livelihood is derived primarily from fees paid by political or public issue campaigns”.

This section is provided as an idea/information exchange among professionals. When this campaign cycle concludes in November, we will launch a networking service which enables participating professionals and prospective clients to make contact with each other.  We are also hosting an online discussion on the ethical issues that arise in the world of professional politics where we all live and work.

Our primary focus is the exchange of information about optics, words and techniques that are working during this campaign cycle.

Speech material as well as material for print, electronic and digital campaign advertising will be presented. Successful organizational techniques and tactical suggestions will also be made available.

At the POLITICAL PROPHET® we want to support your campaign as the GOP nominee but we also have a particular interest in the election of Gov. Romney as our new President. 

There is an overriding importance for new leadership for our nation. We also believe there will  be a substantial impact by the presidential campaign on many down-ballot races.

Many of us have very real concerns about threats of organized vote fraud in this election cycle and that could have a negative impact on the election outcome in your campaign.

You need to be prepared to prevent illegal voting and intimidation tactics well in advance of election day. Co-ordination with GOP officials other campaigns will be essential for your success. As always, campaign professionals, advisers and contributors can also go to the POLITICAL PROPHET® HOME page for additional information.

When you have some campaign verbiage, optical concepts or tactical suggestions that you have found to be particularly effective please share with others by using our CONTACT section and noting that your contribution is for the POLITICAL PRO SHOP.

Thank you for participating.