Jul 15

Trump vs. Putin Outcome

The Prediction…

With vast military, economic and political superiority, Trump will flatten Putin at the summit next week but will allow him to survive. “Better the devil you know” etc.

It is highly probable that the world outside the inner circles of the two leaders will have to wait awhile to judge final terms. As the net looser, Putin dare not let greater Russia or the world know that he has been humbled. Trump’s brag after the meet need not give away the store thereby maximizing America’s gains.

The partisan extremists in Congress will continue to sacrifice our national interests for their misguided sense of selfish, personal gain. The Schumers’, Pelosis’, Waters’ and the bone-headed Senator from Virginia will all blow the horns of ignorance without even realizing how  sour the notes sound to normal people.

The few allies we have that are led wisely will be largely silent but slightly supportive.

And finally, we will read and hear scripts the corrupt news media wrote last week well before the fact-not because they have any special understanding as we claim but because they seek outcomes they prefer rather than the truth they should be reporting.

Most of what will be agreed to has already been resolved by staff and is merely subject to ratification. Trump will have a surprise or two for Putin that will produce the overall outcome he seeks. Putin will try the same but will fail because Trump holds the cards that count and has the skills to play them.

Tomorrow, we will provide more details that are outcome specific.

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