Aug 22

Trump Dumps GOP says Pres. Trump will capitalize on public hostility toward partisanship and control by the elites for the 2018 Congressional elections.

The new prediction notes that strategies must match actions to opinions in ways that perceptions, expectations and fundamental beliefs can come together with common sense to be effective.

We Predict: Trump will pick his targets among incumbents seeking re-election carefully and will begin with primary challenges. He will turn the world’s loudest, largest, most pointed microphone on those targets. He will message each of the targeted races relentlessly. He will see to it that money pours into the campaign coffers of the challengers he supports. Since defeating incumbents is very difficult, Trump will lose some of the primary challenge races he targets. Every GOP Member he targeted that is re-nominated in spite of Trump’s opposition will face a Democrat who can get cross-party Presidential financial and political support. When he “Dumps GOP” candidates, Trump will send another chilling message compounding his primary opposition to uncooperative incumbents.

This could become the beginning of party realignment in America. For this to actually occur, economic and social issue conservatives will need to do a much better job explaining the true benefits of personal freedom to shift perceptions among those who have never really thought in those terms. These are folks who survive using common sense so the logic can be made to ring true when presented properly.  The new version of slavery uses government control instead of plantation owner whips and dogs must be shown for what it is.