Feb 01

Trey Gowdy Goes To

Prediction by: Editor@thePoliticalProphet.com

Rep. Trey Gowdy is the most honest, candid, credible and effective spokesman in America today regarding justice and legal matters. His presence in a TV interview is like none other because he is believable each and every time. He understands that unlike today’s political silly-speak, true justice demands truth and that is what he delivers.

While he could start making millions of dollars per year as a private attorney tomorrow, I hope he will remain in public service a little longer. In fact, it is highly unlikely that Pres. Trump will fail to bring him into the administration-he is far too valuable to lose.

If, as it appears, FBI head Wray has been captured by the “Deep State”, Gowdy would be a perfect replacement. However, Trey Gowdy would also make a great number one or two at the Department of Justice.

My personal choice, however, and prediction is that he will go into the White House with a very special charter to head the President’s efforts to drain and clean the swamp. Justice is, sadly, a very scarce commodity today in our Nation’s Capitol because influence peddling, bribery and other forms of corruption run the town. Elites like Jeff Bezos have all of the elements of power they need to completely control the government that used to belong to the people. They can be stopped only one way-effective and very public application of the law. Trey Gowdy is uniquely qualified to lead this effort and the White House is the place with access to the resources needed to get the job done.

So where will Trey go? Please let President Trump know what you think!