Jun 14

Treason Tomorrow?

Prediction by thePoliticalProphet:

Understanding the motives of humans with certainty is not claimed here. Throughout the history of mankind, treason appears to have been driven by a non-quantified mix of hate, ambition, greed and blind loyalty to some idea or person. (What a great project this would be for an ethical journalist or for a graduate student!)

Accusing someone from the DOJ, including the FBI, of Treason is unlikely in the Inspector General’s report that will be made public later today. The pathway chosen, used and covered up by leaders in both organizations could certainly lead to that heinous crime against the people. In other words, the IG report may be a new beginning of fact finding rather than the end.

The Comeys, McCabes and the other sleazy FBI leaders during the Obama era plus his two AGs, his National Security staff have all walked down the path that leaves America’s interests behind and goes toward some private allegiance. We do not yet know how far these individuals went. It is also not entirely clear who was leading their clandestine political schemes but I’d bet money that the scoundrel’s office was oval until January.

We now have a new player who may belong on that lineup card. Assistant AG, Rob Rosenstein, may have used his badge and gun (he is the #2 Law Enforcement officer in America) to threaten Congressional staffers and, perhaps House Members with his considerable power. The “crime” Rosenstein reacted to appears to have been House oversight demands for disclosure directed toward the deep state.

The DOJ cover up clearly demands close follow up.

Outside of government, silly people like Bill Mahr make loud pleas for the entire economy to fail just because he wants to embarrass our President. Thank goodness he is just another foul mouthed comedian.

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