Sep 08

The NYT’s Ghostwriter Will Be Identified As…

  • A lawyer
  • A government employee with taxpayer funded paycheck stubs
  • A pawn for the modern Deep State
  • An Obama appointee retained by Trump
  • A cornerstone of the corruption in the Department of Justice
  • About to become a target for underlings in search of plea deals (which is incredible irony worth a Shakespearian TV special)
  • Having close family ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s lawyer
  • One of the few who can track the development and direction of the “Russiangate” scheme against Trump all the way to Obama. It could become his “ticket” to stay out of prison
  • One who will avoid a prison threat altogether if the Democrats to capture the House of Representatives in November.

The name of my candidate as the secret “Ghostwriter” for the New York Times Op-Ed is hereby identified as Rob Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General in our Department of Justice.

Editor’s Note: Of the six votes in the Senate against Rosenstein’s conformation, four were Democrats seeking their party’s nomination for President in 2020. In politics this is called “Just in case this scheme gets uncovered, CYA” and in legal parlance it is called “Deniability”.

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