Jul 23

The Fit Is About To Hit The Shan

It now appears definite; the entire “Russian Collusion” charge against Trump and his campaign was a set-up by political operatives of the Democrat Party. Specifically, the FISA warrants just released clearly show a fabricated political scheme by Deep State government employees to use the FBI, Department of Justice and secret Federal Court resources to influence the outcome of the 2016 election. When they lost anyway, the scheme was converted into a plan to illegally force the peoples’ choice for President from the office he won. This Dictator like behavior by high level Obama holdovers who are still paid with taxpayer dollars must be fully exposed and criminals must be prosecuted. Salaries must be stopped, security clearances revoked and badges/guns confiscated from those involved in this attempted coup d’état by sinister Deep State operatives as ordered by the Elites. Senior operatives like Comey, Brennan, Clapper plus the Obama White House crew are the ringleaders. There are small but deadly teams of FBI operatives like Strzok, Baker and McCabe as well as DOJ operatives Yates and Ohr plus others yet to be identified who are secreted throughout our government. It is unclear at this time whether Special Counsel Mueller is a kingpin in the conspiracy or whether he has just been duped for a very long time.

Trump Should…

Appoint a Special Investigatory Commission with full subpoena power, credible members and a top tier leader like V.P. Pence or Cong. Trey Gowdy as Chair. We recommend a fixed deadline for completion of their work with a report due no later than twelve months after the appointments are made. Elites and swamp dwellers from both parties must be excluded. This matter strikes at the very heart of our freedoms and must be addressed accordingly. If it is proven that Obama/Clinton henchmen have tried to rig a Presidential election and then to literally overthrow the duly elected President, those who are convicted should never be on the outside looking in again.

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