Sep 28

The FBI Investigation We Really Need

The circus during the Kavanaugh hearing requires a full FBI investigation and it should begin immediately. Everyone who may have vital information, including Judicial Committee Members who volunteer to go under oath, must be made aware that all charges of Lying to the FBI will be prosecuted. Senators will have waved all claims of immunity in order to testify to the FBI.

The circus, those who organized it, financed it and managed it must be investigated by the FBI. The lawyers, political operatives and Senate staffers must all be called to testify. Those who refuse to co-operate with the FBI investigation should be charged and prosecuted. This will not touch on matters of national security so the entire FBI report should be made public.

Absent a preexisting accusation of criminal behavior, Senators would not be placed under oath so I respectfully suggest that those Members with any knowledge of the Kavanaugh hearings be asked to volunteer to be questioned by the FBI under oath. Voters should take note of those Senators who refuse.

Trump Should…

  • Offer the full cooperation of the FBI to Chairman Grassley
  • Direct the Justice Department to allow the FBI to investigate
  • Note that the investigation should not delay the Senate’s vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.

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