May 11 Comey’s Team

Q-“Who would support Comey’s Presidential bid?”

A-They will come out of the woodwork like termites. Very soon.

Dems have a really thin bench of potential candidates for 2020. A tall, handsome, articulate guy who plays the national news media like a banjo has real potential. Regardless of the truth of the matter, a built- in message for the candidate trying to tie Trump and Russia together is icing on the cake.

Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows. It is a fact that Comey, as FBI Director, has been very helpful to the Clinton family. No Grand Jury, no email indictment and no serious investigation of the Clinton Foundation, the uranium deal with Russia or the millions of Dollars that flowed to the Clintons via pay to play. Comey chose to let all of the Clinton bodies remain buried. Surprise-the Clintons will lead Team Comey. He will give them no choice. (Comey was playing his own hand all along.} That is why Clintons had “Good news” in July and “Bad news” in October!

Political Prophet Predictions: The Clintons will be joined on Team Comey by Schumer, Pelosi, and the Governor of Virginia along with everyone else who fears what the former FBI Director may have on them. The suddenness of his termination notice (Comey was speaking in California when the newsflash came over the TV) was to protect such files from removal but he does have allies still at the Bureau.  The Senator from Massachusetts who might compete will ultimately settle for the certainty of the V.P. nomination.

Finally, we predict that a reporter will never get to ask Obama why he didn’t fire Comey if the FBI Director really beat Clinton in 2016.