May 11

T-S Report Badges, Guns and Corrupt Politicians

Trump Should…

Explain why corrupt politicians using badges and guns to manipulate election outcomes is a bigger threat to freedom than Russia or China.

Kimberly Strassel’s WSJ piece today suggests that the FBI put a “Mole” (informant) in the Trump campaign before the election. If proven, this will be far more dangerous and disturbing than anything Russia or any other nation did or tried to do in 2016.

Circumstantial evidence also suggests that the FBI may have leaked government controlled legal, tax and business records belonging to lawyer Cohen to the porn star’s lawyer. We already know that federal agents used a phony political “dossier” and the FBI to get FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign staff and that phone calls between the President and one of his lawyers were monitored and possibly tapped.

Never in America’s history has our freedom been attacked in this way!

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