May 07

T-S Report 5/7/2018 Re: Kerry

Trump Should:

Dismiss John Kerry’s treachery and possibly treasonous activities with the strongest possible language.

Specifically, words like…

“It is bad enough that Scty. Kerry put America and the world at grave risk of nuclear war by negotiating a disastrous treaty with Iran. That he is too silly to recognize his mistakes even now should multiply the  embarrassment of anyone who sees the world as it is.

To compound his lack of seriousness, substance and judgment on this matter, we now know he has been sneaking around the world trying to undermine America for scurrilous political reasons and personal aggrandizement.

People whose behavior calls their patriotism into question, need to step out of the spotlight for the good of the nation and everyone else.

I will not be deterred or distracted from my duty to the country or to the cause of world peace and freedom. Just go away John. Quietly please.”

Thoughtful responses to…