May 09

T-S Report 5-9-2018 Price of Political Hate

Trump Should…

Address the Nation seated at his desk in the oval office. He should personally* pay for the broadcast time.

The theme/news peg for the address should be “The Price We All Pay For Political Hate Has Become Far Too High!”

The core message should be that every American’s safety, prosperity and serenity are now being hurt by hyper-partisanship.

The tone/visual impact should be serious, calm, humble and hopeful.

Visual aids and a format of mixed tutorial/personal conversation should be used.

T-S Report contributors will offer suggested verbiage to Trump’s team.

*A “Go Fund Me” type resource should be established so we can all participate in the next broadcast of this kind. Neither political nor taxpayer funds should be used for these broadcasts.

Please send your words for Trump to…

Thank you!