Feb 20

Smollett and Trump Should…

Trump Should


If actor Jussie Smollett pulled a national Law Enforcement scam to get publicity for his career using anti-Trump hate speech and Fake News, he must be made accountable to the full extent of the law. The Feds can deal with any mail fraud issues but state or local officials will likely handle the rest of the charges. If, for self-serving political reasons, a prosecutor tries to weasel out of the case, the Court should recommend termination of that taxpayer financed lawyer.

It is likely that other “Haters” will continue to publicize false narratives and some will repeat Smollett’s message even if his claims are proven fraudulent.

This has already become a dangerous situation.

Trump Should…

  • Allow his protection professionals to increase their activities if they feel it is necessary
  • Remind his followers to be polite to everyone and to avoid conflicts with those who are crazed with hate.