Jan 23

Selfish SOB

Selfish SOB

Commentary by Editor@thepoliticalprophet.com

Our government was shut down by 49 SOB’s in the Senate. The Democrats were assisted by a dozen or so Republican SOB’s in the Senate including the Leader. More than two hundred SOB’s are in the House and both parties are, again, well represented. The Leadership is right there as well. These SOB’S place their personal political/financial interests above the needs of the Nation.

We need to replace a very large percentage of the current Members of Congress with folks who have not succumbed to Washington’s ways. Yes, I would rather have an honest Democrat who will vote for America than a Republican who has been bought, sold and rented out by the lobbyists. Facts and logic go a long way toward tempering left-leaning thinking when you are dealing with someone who puts the country ahead of selfish political interests and pockets. There are such patriots, we just need to find, recruit and elect them. I would prefer a GOP majority that supports President Trump but a fresh Democrat is better than what we have now.

This nod to bi-partisanship comes, by-the-way from a guy who was Director of two GOP State Committees and Political Director for the RNC.

When they stay in the lush Washington pasture too long, both elephants and donkeys get fat, selfish and stop working for those who put them there.

Those who violate the oath of elected public service deserve the label… “Selfish SOB”.