Oct 02

Save #MeToo Now

Politicization of the Supreme Court confirmation process has put the #MeToo Movement at grave and immediate risk.

The only way to protect women who have been abused and now need assurances as well as their own courage to come forward is to act now to rip all partisan politics out of the process. Political schedules and leaks, political lawyers and political reporters need to be expunged so these women can be heard clearly and bad guys have no political cover.

Get the politics out!

Politicians, lawyers and reporters who try to make human tragedy into political trash must be discarded like last week’s smelly garbage.

The only way to purge the politics and to insulate #MeToo from the stink of hacks is for the FBI to interview Sen. Feinstein, her Senate and campaign staff and all of the lawyers and political operatives that are connected in any way to Dr. Ford.

Frankly, we hope that Dr. Ford will realize that she has tragically been “abused” all over again. We hope she will fully and publicly reveal the truth about Sen. Feinstein and this entire process. She will be a historic American heroine when she does.

Trump Should…

  • Allow an appropriate WH staffer to carefully reach out to Dr. Ford with a message suitable for a woman who has recently been abused by demonic politics
  • Respond appropriately to her if she makes a full public revelation about this recent process.

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