Jul 29

Russia and Political Analytics

Facts uncovered by honest investigations surface eventually. Once rid of political hacks that hide and lie, our intelligence services will find all of the truth about Russia’s goals and activities in our 2016 Presidential elections.  Logic based political analytics suggest that the final facts to be disclosed will be very clear.

Political Prophet Predictions regarding facts that will surface include…

  • Russia’s Government, at Putin’s direction, aggressively attempted to control our election results.
  • Putin’s goal was to further solidify his position of power with the Clintons. They received huge amounts of money arranged by Putin over many years and were already “In his bag”.
  • Putin (and the leaders of other nations) track our elections and they are pretty good but not better than we are. The Russians, with far fewer resources than even the Elite media companies, had no more reason to believe Trump would win than CBS, the New York Times or the senior Democrat operatives at the FBI.
  • Foreign leaders never* knowingly bet on campaign losers in these situations. If they conclude an election is too close to call they either help both or neither candidate.
  • Putin (and others) depend heavily on predictable behavior and spend millions running behavior simulations trying to know, in advance, how a foe (or friend) will react given certain options.

*Obama is the only exception I know of. He despised Israel’s Netanyahu so much he used taxpayer funds trying to beat him. Obama failed.

The probability that Putin would trade the Clintons who had already been responsive to his needs and who were totally predictable as long as Russian cash kept coming is about zero. The probability that he would trade the Clintons for the likely loser, Trump, who was unpredictable as a candidate and continues to be the most unpredictable U. S. President in modern American history, is a notch below zero.

So if Putin didn’t want Trump to win, what is the Russian collusion investigation all about?

Political Prophet Predictions will address, in our next report, that question and related matters that involve Obama/Clinton political operatives, manipulation by Deep State contra-patriots (including those at the FBI and the Intelligence Agencies) plus the desperate drive of the Elites to stop Trump.

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