Nov 04

Rescuing Real Reporters

The news media today has been horribly corrupted. Real reporters, who have retained their integrity, need to be rescued by thoughtful readers, viewers and listeners. It is a numbers business and if Americans give the numbers to ethical professionals, honesty will rise to the top. Sleaze will sink when news consumers demand honest, fact based reporting and the Elites are forced to spend their own cash to finance TV networks and newspapers because we dry up their ad dollars.

Here is the background-Elites, from Dictatorships to Democracies try to manage public opinion by controlling the flow of information. In modern America, Elites control most mass media outlets by ownership or advertising. When Trump won, Elites went berserk because he is uniquely equipped to wrest power from them and to return it to regular middle class people. He is far better at “managing the media” and controlling news cycle content than any Elite anywhere. His Tweets have Elites chasing their own tails daily. He really is draining the swamp of its primary source of power and they hate him for it. He shatters their mirrors and blows away their smoke. What remains is naked, obvious truth.

Trump’s success is largely dependent on his ability to overpower the Elite media on a daily basis. The Elite media owners are desperately trying to regain message control. The pressure Elites put on the reporters whose paychecks they sign is incredible. Elites demand nothing less than the destruction of Trump and his Presidency from their reporters. Some are happy to help their bosses for the money or because they are personally radical leftwing ideologues. Others are real reporters who don’t want to be corrupted but are trapped in a job that is now demanding attacks on Trump regardless of the truth and the facts.

Reporters at the New York Times knew they would be writing propaganda instead of news when they were hired. At the Washington Post, they were shoved from liberal to radical Elitism when Bezos bought the paper. At CNN, reporters like Jake Tapper have gone from a news job to a propaganda work environment but appear to be quite comfortable in the corruption. Who knows how many ethical reporters are still at CNN and other outlets that are desperate to do honest work again.  In the world of mass media, the fierce hostility to Trump is pervasive almost everywhere except Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. Real reporters have very limited job opportunities for ethical journalism today. Associated Press (AP) used to be very ethical and straight forward but has now been corrupted. Once respected, NBC’s newsroom spawned the twisted, radical left coverage we see on MSNBC. NBC News even withheld key information exonerating Judge Kananaugh until the hearing was closed!

Now that corrupt journalists and news outlets are being held publicly accountable news consumers are becoming more aware of media deceit. For example…

  • The Politico poll reported on 11/01/18 says 64% of voters said the media have done more to divide the country and only 17% say media has done more to unite it. (Trump’s same poll numbers are 56% divide/30% unite)
  • Rasmussen’s poll reported 10/30/18 says 52% of likely voters think the media is more interested in creating controversies than covering issues
  • Rasmussen’s poll reported 10/25/18 says 45% of likely voters most reporters are trying to help Democrats when they write about a race for Congress but only 11% think they are trying to help the Republican and just 35% think reporters are trying to report the news without bias.

There are some good, honest journalists trapped in really bad work environments. Some are leaving their jobs when Elite investors/owners force news coverage to veer sharply left. America suffers when corrupt journalism controls the news.

Trump Should…

  • Continue to hold corrupt reporters and news outlets accountable by name for the harm they do to America and to professional journalism
  • Encourage honest reporters and news outlets to find and to support each other for the betterment of professional journalism
  • Urge news consumers to support honesty in journalism and the advertisers/subscribers that finance integrity in the news business.

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