Jul 18

Republican Rocket Science On Healthcare

Editor’s Note: For GOP Members of Congress…

Step One-Recognize that your re-election is not life or death to anyone including you. Healthcare that works IS life and death to everyone.

Step Two-Just this once, put the politics of self-interest aside and do what is right simply because it is right. You were elected to serve-not take. Selfish hacks are at far greater risk to lose re-election campaigns!

Step Three-Repeal Obamacare now with an effective date of November 1, 2018, which is a few days before the next scheduled Congressional elections. That will help restore consumer confidence that Congress is serious about fixing the healthcare system correctly. It will also show a sharp contrast with Democrats (except for the smart ones that help).

Step Four-Restore Medicaid to its original function, protect Medicare and continue to upgrade medical care for our Veterans.  With those exceptions, get the federal government out of the healthcare business. Give patients and doctors control over care. Maximize competition among insurance providers and allow customers to collectively bargain for the coverage they want and can afford.

Step Five-Replace McConnell as Majority Leader. He has always been a disaster as a spokesman and now he has lost respect for his leadership.

We Predict: A very diverse majority of likely voters are aggressively determined to elect candidates who are willing to rise above political self-interest and they will elect them.

We Predict: The 24 hour news cycle, sophisticated opposition research and the existence of a digital record of everything means those who deceived voters to get elected will get caught, exposed and defeated!