Oct 20

Reagan Response To Saudi Stupidity

It now appears that someone very high in the Saudi government approved an evil, stupid plan to torture and kill a Saudi opinion journalist who criticized them. Trump can again look to Reagan’s likely response for insight.

Reagan’s foreign policy genius was based on…

  • American interests come first
  • Rebuilding U.S. military might
  • Strategic patience
  • Rebuild Nation’s financial strength
  • Use diplomatic, financial, political and military strength together
  • Trust BUT Verify

Trump Should…

  • Read an excellent 10/17/2018 piece in “Commentary” by Sohrab Ahmari
  • Continue to keep the Reagan formula in mind (Especially #1)
  • Let the Saudis “pick their poison” as long as it meets the Trump’s criteria
  • Remind Americans that he will resist evil here or anywhere in the world.

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