Jul 10

Putin Blinked

ThePoliticalProphet.com Predicts: Immediate and long term history will show that Putin “Blinked” when confronted by Pres. Trump last week. He had a hard time making the adjustment from a shallow Obama to a very strong Trump and that is why the meeting went overtime. Trump, wisely gave Putin room to adjust to the new realities so progress could be made on matters that are important to America.

We suspect but probably will never know that Trump followed the advice we offered publicly to threaten Putin with our own intrusion into electronic and digital communications in Russia if they ever tried to interfere in an American election again.

We also caution our President to spend a few minutes studying Judo. The Olympic sport and self-defense martial art is based on the use of the opponent’s strength, speed and movement to achieve your own victory. Judo means “The gentle way” because your opponent’s aggressiveness is converted to into his defeat. It is not completely unlike the counter-puncher Trump is known to be.

Trump, as an aggressive, forceful negotiator can expect a foot-sweep or two from Putin who is known for his Judo expertise and enthusiasm for the philosophy.