Apr 15

Press vs.People

Comment by: Editor@NewsLede.net

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace was especially interesting on 4/15/2018 because it so clearly demonstrated the inherent tension between even ethical news media interrogators/commentators and the interests of the American people.

Specifically, most of the “talking head” media continues to act as if they are more important than the news they are supposed to to be covering. Wallace and his panel today gave one demonstration after another of this disturbing characteristic. The shining exception was Pentagon reporter, Jenifer Griffin, a professional who was the “Here is how it should be done” example for others at the table.

Wallace and his panel generally had an “off” day but so did one of President Trump’s very best surrogates, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. She missed one opportunity after another to say “While I understand your reason as a journalist for asking that question once, as a citizen you and the rest of us can be grateful that we now have a President who does not help our advisories by publicizing exactly what we will do and when we will do it. The element of surprise is an important tool in diplomacy and in military action. This President is far more concerned with results than with scoring political points. America needs President Trump a lot more than he needs publicity.

We also need media to focus on the duty to inform and to leave the “gotcha” moves to the MMA personalities.