Nov 14

Predictions, GOP Future

Predictions, GOP Future

Once we get beyond the shameful recount stories, what is next for the GOP?

  • Dems in the Congress will implode over the course of two years.
  • Trump will impose some serious party discipline so he and the GOP will be able to take maximum advantage in 2020. Some GOP heads will roll.
  • Candidate recruitment and fund raising will be corrected for 2020 races.
  • Some consumers will revolt with their purchasing dollars over dramatic increases in corruption within the news media.
  • Most current media leaders will continue to deny and defend their deceptive reporting and news “blackouts” as directed by the Elites.
  • More of a hope than a prediction, we would like to see just one media organization look internally at journalist conduct instead of pointing an accusing finger at the critics. J-Schools like Columbia and professional groups like Nieman spend all their resources rebutting critics instead of correcting behavior according to ethical standards. Hopefully, a group like Pew will redirect the profession’s reaction to justified criticism.

The GOP doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Newly empowered Dems will do their best to control the agenda. Senators and Governors who are Dems will elbow each other for the Presidential nomination.

We predicted, in print, on 8/23/2015 that “Michelle Obama will run for President”. Clintons’ dirt on Obama blocked her in 2016 but 2020 will be her time.