Feb 16

Political Prophet Prediction Re: Pelosi

Defeat Opponents In Sports and Politics

Destroy Enemies In Assault and War

Spkr. Pelosi continues to confuse these two concepts that have been understood by American Patriots since the beginning of our nation. Any outcome other than the complete destruction of Pres. Trump is unacceptable to her.

She has led today’s Democratic Party into a “Game of Thrones” mentality and their patriots of years past have all been purged. What remains are the silly socialists, assorted extremists and the political hacks who abandoned principles long ago. These groups are easily led right now as evidenced by their willingness to sacrifice public safety on the altar of identity politics and the word “Wall”.

The ugly reality of identity politics is the inevitability of fracture. Racial groups divide into us vs them. Extremist religious groups preach violence against other groups. Hate begets hate and leadership becomes powerless to control the dangerous direction their followers use to attack others.

We Predict: Pelosi will ultimately be taken down not by Trump but by a trio of women who are members of her own caucus.