Jul 09

Podesta Under Oath

7/7/2017 was the day Clinton’s campaign manager tweeted…”I had nothing to do with the DNC.”

He dare not repeat that statement under oath. In fact, he and Hillary have told so many lies, anything under oath threatens them. High on the list are the lies they told about their direct control of the DNC to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

GOP Congressional Leadership must subpoena Podesta to testify, under oath, about Hillary’s emails, the Clinton Foundation, the nomination corruption and the hacked DNC computer the feds have never been allowed to examine. They must also question the Russian ties of Bill, Hillary and Podesta.

If Bob Mueller, the Special Investigator, really wants to add some credibility to his Russian investigation, he will take a hard look at the entire Clinton operation. Mueller’s subpoena of the DNC computer they keep hiding from investigators good place to start. Next should be as many grilling sessions with James Comey and Loretta Lynch as it takes to unravel the Clinton cover-ups. Finally, he needs to uncover the role played by Obama and National Security leaks by his political operatives.

We Predict: Even with necessary plea bargain deals to get to the big shots, Mueller’s investigation will produce more indictments than any in modern history. It will be legal and poetic justice when virtually all are Democrats!

A complete and truthful investigation by Mueller and the criminal court actions that follow will do much to restore public confidence in “Justice for all”. It will also help restore integrity to the news media by exposing their corruption and removing bad actors in journalism.