Jan 10

Pelosi’s Prison

It is no small paradox that Nancy regained the Speakership but only after being captured and imprisoned by the most radical left wing of her Democratic Party.

Trump Should…

  • Explain that Radicals and the Elites that control them hate border barriers like walls and fences because they work. Human and drug trafficking is essentially blocked when barriers are used strategically.
  • Note that public safety and humanitarian matters have, historically, backfired on politicians who tried to use tragedy for their own gain.
  • Challenge Pelosi to put politics aside and to fully fund all of the border barriers the experts recommend. Offer her a get out of jail free card.


THAT’S WHAT BILL THINKS                                                                        

Bill’s professional career in politics began over 50 years ago. It has included service as Political Director of the Republican National Committee and as a Campaign Consultant for two Republican Presidents and other GOP candidates.


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