May 23

Obama’s Fingerprints

T-S Report Today

Trump Should…

Direct the DOJ and all other federal departments and agencies to accelerate the investigations involving Obama/Clinton political operatives who are suspected of spying and other illegal activities directed toward the Trump campaign, transition or Presidency. As we noted yesterday, if they used one spy they used others from other government agencies and the DOJ Inspector General has no access to those who are not currently employed by the Justice Department. Everyone else has to be investigated by others.

Interviews, by trustworthy federal investigators, are now a matter of national security. Answers from Valerie Jarrett, Ben Rhodes and others in the White House plus department and agency leaders like Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Lynch and others plus the entire Clinton contingency are now a matter of national security.

The use of National Security, FBI or DOJ personnel and other taxpayer funded resources to spy on a Presidential candidate, President Elect or a President is without precedent in America. This is the stuff dictators do. The false narrative about Trump colluding with the Russians was created from scratch by these same operatives. Sadly, it has dominated the national news for over a year. It has compromised our dealings internationally and delayed portions of the President’s agenda to make America great again for everyone. The willingness of a small group of elite operatives to deliberately hurt the nation just to retain political control of the White House is despicable.

If Obama’s fingerprints or Clinton’s fingerprints are found on the evidence, they must be charged with crimes as appropriate.

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