Oct 21


OVERVIEW: President Obama’s healthcare act was conceived to achieve political goals. It was born secretly, in the dark of night with no public or Republican input. It was so secret, in fact, that Speaker Pelosi “had to pass it to find out what was in it”. Republicans didn’t get to study it in advance and not one in the House or Senate voted for it. It has been amended not in public view by the Congress but by extra-constitutional backdoor deals orchestrated again in secrecy for political reasons. To keep everything secret during the Obama re-election campaign, software development was largely postponed until this year. He positioned the IRS to be the investigators/enforcers to create public fear of challenge and so his political operatives can access private information. The roll-out failed because of the cumulative effect of politics, politics, politics and secrecy, secrecy, secrecy. Now Obama is demanding that the taxpayers, most of whom are middle class Americans, pay for overtime to fix the mess he created by being obsessed with politics. That is not fair.

WE RECOMMEND: Everyone, including Democrats, should demand fair play throughout Obamacare. That should begin with Obama’s political fund paying for the total cost of these “fixes”. His political obsession caused the problem and his political money should pay to fix it. To be safe, Congress should audit these reimbursements to make sure Obama’s political dollars are used to pay all of these costs. Additional fairness would be achieved if Congress would remove the element of force and let participation in Obamacare be voluntary. Freedom works!

WE PREDICT: Obama will continue to play politics with our healthcare and will try to force us, as taxpayers, to pay for the repair to try to get it to work. Winning reimbursement for the taxpayers and securing freedom for Obamacare participants will give Sen. Ted Cruz and others a truly noble objective that is also achievable.