Mar 23

Obama And The Next Big Investigation

Investigating the true origins of the “Russian collusion” matter will require testimony given under oath by Obama’s political operatives in the White House, CIA, DOJ, FBI, NSC, IRS, State and other Departments and Agencies. Operatives employed by news organizations should not be required to testify unless absolutely necessary to the investigation. Reporter’s First Amendment rights must be protected. Members of Congress should first be given the opportunity to testify voluntarily under oath before subpoenas are issued.

Everyone who played any role in the “Investigation” of the Clinton Email scandal, the Clinton Foundation or the DNC hacking scandal should be investigated.

Those who are proven to have misused positions of public trust and weaponized federal resources for use against one or more political opponents should be prosecuted and if convicted, imprisoned. will go on record: At least three Obama political operatives will go to prison as a result of this investigation. More importantly, public confidence in “Justice for All” and in organizations like the DOJ, the FBI and other agencies will begin the restoration process.