Jun 14

No Gun and Congressional Dumb

Per: GunLede.com and PoliticalProphetPredictions.com

Not one Member of Congress at the shooting this morning was armed. Of the 22 Members, several are veterans of military service. All are Republicans. Like ducks in the dugout, they were unable to defend themselves. Mass slaughter was prevented by two heroic Capitol Hill L. E. Officers who stopped the shooter in spite of their wounds. They were providing security for the only member of Congressional Leadership present. If he had skipped the practice or left early, the unarmed and therefore helpless Congressmen and staff could all have been shot. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said: “We were like sitting ducks.”

Several dozen men, fit enough to play ball and presumably hostile to the idea of gun control as GOP Members and staffers need to explain publically and personally why not one of them was armed and able to defend himself and his colleagues.

Practice what you preach comes to mind.