Jun 04

No Cops Here

A politically motivated Elite who owns Starbucks has just forced thousands of his primarily young employees to watch hours of video featuring white cops abusing black people over and over again. It may be this character’s first “Recruiting tool” for his expected presidential campaign.

Not surprisingly, historic footage was hard to watch for long periods. Whether or not it had the desired propaganda impact of instilling  hatred of police will not be known for a while.

In my neighborhood (which is wonderfully multi-racial), teaching young people to distrust or despise police is considered highly counter-productive to their safety, to the goals of society and to showing respect for the rule of law. For some rich Elite to attempt this stunt for selfish political reasons is evil. He can scare thousands of young people by feeding a diet of lies to those whose jobs depend on them listening to, accepting and acting on his cult like trash talk.

Perhaps the best response is for America’s cops to claim a fear of Starbucks directly due to this indoctrination attempt. They could avoid patrolling Starbucks’ parking lots for concerns over ambush attacks. Cops could automatically refuse to enter a Starbucks store until multiple back-up units are available for concerns over hit teams of assailants waiting in hiding. Actually, they could wait for SWAT to arrive for each Starbucks call.

The real answer might be to for all cops everywhere to just let Starbucks to keep the peace on their own property. Mr. Elite could pay for his own squads to handle emergencies in a politically correct fashion. Since he is well known for radical political views, allowing his private “Enforcers” to be armed is a bit scary. It is a little like the heavily armed bodyguards who work for Bloomberg except Mike’s team is on a scale that is several thousand times larger. Bloomberg’s personal bankroll makes the Starbucks guy look very small time as Elites go.

The reality is that if you are in trouble or under attack, the great cops in America will try to save you no matter where you are or who you are. The world view promoted by Starbucks is smoke and mirror deception. The real world of American Law Enforcement is “Protect and Serve”.

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