May 20

Nixon Never 5/20/2018 T-S Report

Trump Should…

Note that Nixon never:

  • Used FBI spies in a campaign or against a President
  • Used a government wiretap in a campaign or against a President
  • Used National Security/Intelligence agencies for politics
  • Used foreign government operatives to “frame” an opponent
  • Used a fake political “dossier” to get a warrant to spy on a political opponent
  • Used fraud to “unmask” citizens to get political info by phone taps
  • Attacked a President’s legitimacy during the transition
  • Attacked a President’s legitimacy during his term in office.

The “dirty tricks” used during Nixon’s campaign for re-election were orchestrated by a young operative named Ken Reitz who was well known to your editor. Ken’s stuff was not illegal and was child’s play compared to the vicious, criminal attacks during and after the 2016 election. Jeb Magruder, the idiot who instigated and went to jail for the Watergate fiasco, was the reason your editor left the campaign to run the Governor’s race Puerto Rico BEFORE Watergate began and ended.

Nixon made huge ethical and judgmental errors after the Watergate break in but he did not use the government to spy on and then viciously attack a Presidential nominee, President elect or a sitting President. His actions, as despicable as they were, didn’t damage our Republic like the Obama/Clinton threat is doing.

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