Aug 08

Need To Know

Mueller has questions for Trump to see if he colluded with Russia to get elected. Clearly he has a “Need to know”. Americans, who understand and care, have questions for Mueller to see if he has conducted his investigation ethically, without bias or preconceived conclusions. We, the people “Need to know”.

If the terms for an interview offered to Mueller by Trump’s lawyers on 8/8/2018 are not acceptable, the approach we proposed months ago could work.

Trump Should…

  • Offer to answer twenty questions about Russian collusion asked personally by Mueller in an interview.
  • Mueller would agree to answer ten questions about his leadership of the FBI and this investigation.

We recommended a variation of this compromise in a column on May 5 this year proposing that Cong. Trey Gowdy interview both Trump and Mueller in public forums.

Public support for both men to answer appropriate questions (none of the media’s “gotcha” junk) is very high. We want facts-not lawyer tricks, we want fair play for both and we want proper respect for the Office of the President.

Many of us are much more suspicious of Mueller’s agenda, ethics, affiliations and actions than we are of Trump’s dealings with Russia.

We are ready for answers.

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