Jul 21

Mueller’s Closet Monster

Prediction By: thePoliticalProphet.com

Professional credibility of process is far more important to Special Counsel Bob Mueller than the final outcome of his investigation. If the process is unfair or flawed in any significant way, the conclusions will, with justification, be rejected. Doubt is the demon that lurks in Mueller’s closet and the time to destroy doubt is now.

Hiring a few GOP lawyers to offset the high profile Dems on board won’t do it. A retractable pledge of “fairness” won’t come close.

The only proof for this “Pudding” is immediate, appropriate action against Obama, the Clintons or their respective political operatives by Mueller’s team. To properly utilize the “smaller fish catch bigger fish” techniques favored by prosecutors who use immunity sweeten bait, lesser targets will come first.

In addition, Mueller should retrieve the DNC computers that were linked to Hillary’s server for forensic analysis. He should also take possession of the computers used by Hillary and her senior staff. The Clinton operatives from her campaign and from the Clinton Foundation should be interviewed under oath by Mueller’s investigators.

Finally, the Clintons themselves, operatives like Podesta and Obama’s foreign policy staff all have extensive histories with Russia and specifically with the Kremlin and Putin. They should be included in the Russian investigation. The mysterious murder of the young DNC staff member who might have held direct knowledge of leaked or hacked emails should also be reviewed by Mueller’s investigators.

In short, this investigation has to be fully credible to the American people. That means it can’t be seen as Republican or Democrat, as Trump, Obama or Clinton or as responding to the Elites of Washington and certainly not as an agent for those elements in the news media that have repeatedly proven to be corrupt.

Once begun, it has to be above reproach and believable. It doesn’t take much to make that happen and Mr. Muller is urged to immediately take action to restore broadly based credibility to his investigation. Charges against Mr. Comey and other leakers would be a good place to start.

Editor’s Note: Mr. Scaramucci this is how Mueller must be addressed-not with personal attacks. Please tell your boss to get with the program of things done right. Fair play appeals to everyone but cheaters.