Feb 08

Mueller Knows Clinton Financed Russian Role in 2016 U.S. Election

Prediction By: Editor@thePoliticalProphet.com

Mueller’s reputation will ultimately be determined by how far up the ladder his Russian convictions go in the Obama/Clinton political apparatus.

The money trail is already well publicized. Funds went from Clinton’s campaign and the DNC which she and Obama controlled to the DC law firm then to Fusion GPS then to Steele, the spy who was a double agent for the Brits and the FBI, and he paid the Russian agents.

The propaganda the Russians created about Trump was then injected into the campaign and into our Justice System. Its path was simply reversed with the propaganda originated by the Russians being transferred to Steele who then peddled it back to the FBI, the Clinton campaign and to a handful of corrupt news organizations. The FBI turned it over to Obama and by disguising its Russian origins, they tricked a FISA Court Judge into authorizing secret surveillance of one or more Americans with connections to the Trump campaign. Steel’s phony news story based on the Russian propaganda was circulated by  Yahoo News and was also used to fool the Judge.

We know the “What”, “Why”, “When” and “How” so three questions remain. “How much more will come out?”, “What are the identities of all of the players?” and “What will Mueller do to each of them?”

Now that he knows we know, Mueller will get his Russian scalps but they will be from the Obama/Clinton tribe-not Trump’s. There will be no meetings on the tarmac this time.