Jul 22

Michelle Obama’s Serious Secret

With “Has-been Hillary”, “Jackrabbit Joe Biden”, “Bloviating Bernie Sanders” and “Eric the fixer Holder” all vying for the Democrat’s 2020 nomination, the “Oldies but goodies” crowd is present but the biggest name from yesteryear is missing. Rasmussen’s 7/22/2018 poll shows 73% of likely Democratic voters want “A Fresh Face” as the 2020 nominee.

Having never run but with great name recognition and generally favorable approval ratings, Michelle Obama should win the nomination in a breeze. In fact she may be the only candidate that can prevent a Democrat split between the Socialist Radicals and the Regular Lefties. Michelle would also be the Democrat’s most formidable candidate in the general election by a wide margin. Finally, it is very clear that her hubby is franticly trying to get back on the public stage again. So why isn’t Michelle even included in “The Great Mentionor’s” list? Why aren’t the big media megaphones for the Democrats even whispering her name? What do the Elite Media insiders and the political power players know that we don’t? Just how big of a problem in her past would it take to deter Michelle if she wants to run?

She, her hubby and the Elites that are devoted to them could likely overcome almost any obstacle placed in her way. Very few things in her past would be absolutely insurmountable.

There is a longstanding speculation that Michelle was a really vicious Chicago slumlord years ago. I have seen no proof but I haven’t searched for it and don’t plan to.

Whatever is out there is deeply hidden and we can’t depend on the Elite media to expose it. Hopefully, some ethical reporter will find and publish the truth before it is too late. Otherwise, it could be Obama on the steroids of radicalism without restraint.

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