Aug 28

Lawyer Lanny Davis Lied-CNN Denied

Trump Should…

  • Note that while he is not a lawyer, he has hired and fired hundreds of lawyers in the course of his business and charity work. He has tried hard to screen out the liars and thieves but lawyers can be pretty slippery characters. Too often, deceit is a part of what they do.
  • Michael Cohen was one who obviously slipped through the cracks as a small time operator with really big ambitions. His secret activities were a big surprise to me and I am terribly disappointed that truth seems to be something he sacrificed to his dreams in recent years.
  • Now it is not surprising that he hired Crooked Hillary’s lawyer, Lanny Davis.
  • Considering his history and reputation, it is not surprising that Lanny lied and leaked. He and Cohen are a matched pair.
  • It is surprising that when Lanny was caught and confessed, CNN has tried to hold on to the story about Trump Towers even though they have public proof that it was a lie. WOW!
  • At least Lanny confessed. CNN doesn’t even have that much honesty left even though their hands are deep in the cookie jar.
  • Why don’t lawyers who lie get disbarred?