Jan 08

Junior Mitt

Pity the poor Jr. Senator from Utah who has played second string all of his life. His dad, George Romney, was a highly regarded businessman and a successful Governor of Michigan. He was known as a “Truth teller” and was well liked as an individual.

Mitt, was a wheeler-dealer businessman and second string candidate for President whose lackluster effort handed an easy victory to Obama. In fairness, he temporarily fixed some of the problems in the Olympic Committee.

Today, second string Mitt is the Junior Senator from Utah. He is still a small time guy with a huge ego to feed. He would never qualify as a true Texan but if he lived here, he would be described as one of those “All hat-No cattle” pretenders who tries to act like something he will never be.

Junior Mitt will spend the rest of his life smiling like he means it but, like an infant, the reality is that it is just gas making the corners of his mouth turn up.

We Predict: As long as Mike Lee is the Senior Senator from Utah, Junior Mitt will be the ethical and intellectually inferior guy whose tantrums will keep him out of the serious Senate discussions and the national conversation. The Elite, anti-Trump media will continue to give exposure to him but serious people will disregard the coverage.