Jun 14

Jeff’s Door of Honor

Trump Should…

Accept the retirement of AG, Jeff Sessions, “With the thanks of a grateful Nation for his service”.

The threats made by Deputy AG, Rob Rosenstein, against Congressional members and staffers are frightening. These professionals were demanding that he release DOJ documents to fulfill their oversight responsibilities as set forth by the Constitution. The DOJ cover-up attempt released yesterday morning was not consistent with the facts or his public statement. They didn’t even get the Deputy’s “I” vs. “We” straight between the verbal and written DOJ statements. Obviously the “We” refers to the full power of the Department of Justice.

AG Sessions’ defense of his Deputy’s actions and explanations is equally ridiculous.

Even more importantly, Sessions was charged by Pres. Trump with the awesome responsibility of restoring public confidence in the FBI, DOJ and the rule of law. Obama’s political operatives baked a cake of destruction and Hillary put the icing on it so Sessions had no small job.

Unfortunately, the IG report shows far too little progress delivered far too late. It is time to bring in a new leader to clean house, to set and enforce new ethical standards and to seriously accelerate the restoration of public confidence with actions not words.

The honorable thing for Sessions to do is to retire from the DOJ and to assume some role as a senior advisor somewhere else in government.

His replacement should be cut from the Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley mold who can take names and kick quickly.

Rosenstein has proven himself to be a crudely heavy-handed enemy of the Constitution who threatens to seriously abuse his powers. Clearly the new AG has a right and a duty to appoint a new Deputy.

Yes I know the anti-Trump forces will scream bloody murder. Please note that these same unprincipled people screamed bloody murder when taxes went down, employment went up and workforce opportunities/participation climbed dramatically especially for minorities. They also screamed when Trump began to unchain small business from the captivity of Washington bureaucrats and our economy began to soar. They screamed when Trump put America first with trade and tariffs for the first time in decades. Now they are screaming because he has made great strides toward peace and American safety with de-nuclearization in Korea.

People like Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton and the other political hacks that now control the Democratic Party would scream for gun control if Trump shot himself in the foot while cleaning his rifle. Middle class Americans stopped listening to them long ago. It is time for decision-makers to do the same. Pelosi and Schumer have made themselves irrelevant just like Clinton with their partisan obsessions.

Trump clearly did not shoot himself in the foot but those three have no toes left due to bodyguards armed with the guns of hypocrisy.

In addition to getting the ball rolling by accepting Sessions’ retirement, Trump Should…

  • Publicly note that the Mueller investigation may be “slow walked” by Democrat staffers trying to impact the mid-term elections. He should note that Mueller’s staff is loaded with people who have well known Democratic connections. He should also note that some of the same people were at the FBI when Mueller was the Director and that he disciplined, fired or demoted none of them. He must be more alert to bias today.
  • For good reason, no one trusts DOJ or the FBI to redact or to treat FISA warrant applications ethically. The only way to deal with issues related to these matters is to temporarily place restoration trust in DOJ and FBI ahead of protecting sources and methods. Declassify documents as necessary, have someone with credibility like Cong. Trey Gowdy redact when absolutely essential.
  • When Sessions retires, immediately appoint Gowdy as AG and ask for accelerated conformation from the Senate.
  • Let him pick his own Deputy.

Mr. President, do as you have done from the beginning-trust the people. Let them have the facts.