Feb 23

If Liars Cared About Our Kids

Observations By: Editor@GunLede.com

News Flash-Washington is full of liars! The worst are the Super-Cynics who will continue to allow school kids to be killed while rejecting good gun laws and promoting bad gun laws.

As we recommended right after the latest school slaughter, the best new federal gun laws will provide block grants to school districts for…

  • Sophisticated screening of school employees who volunteer for armed defense duties
  • Financial support for professional training, purchase of guns,  ammunition and continuing education/practice
  • Hardening physical facilities and eliminating “Gun Free Zones”

Bad gun laws like “Gun Free Zones” are advocated by politicians pretending that they will prevent tragedies are really just hollow, symbolic gestures that are no help at all. In fact, that particular bad gun law actually encourages killers to pick those zones as targets and the death of our children is the terrible, direct result of political trickery.

I also serve as Editor@thePoliticalProphet.com and predict that President Trump will implement this approach because he is all about things that work-not political B.S.