Dec 08

How to Vote for Moore

Prediction by:

I doubt that Alabama voters are seeking any more advice from outsiders about the election next week. I will offer a suggestion anyway because this particular election outcome will impact every American.

Candidates are no more “Perfect” than voters so choices are sometimes “Less bad than X” but you have only four possible picks in Alabama…

-Don’t vote and leave the decision to those who care

-Write in a name with no chance and waste your vote

-Vote for Jones for whatever reason appeals to you

-Vote for Moore for whatever reason appeals to you.

To me, a Jones victory is the worst possible outcome not just because he will help protect the swamp in Washington but because it will encourage Billionaire Bezos and his Washington Post to elect hundreds of candidates like Jones who will let him and the Elites rule. Let me explain…

-In July Forbes said Bezos was the world’s wealthiest man

-At over $95 Billion, he beat Gates, Buffett and Trump by a bunch

-He has enough cash to elect his own Congress and a President

-His Amazon data base is a bigger campaign asset than his cash

In short, Jeff Bezos, his business empire, cold hard cash and his news media dominance in Washington can singlehandedly buy and control America! His intent to try this one man coup is evidenced by the radical, slanted and Fake News being produced by the Washington Post which he owns outright and by the “Reporter” he sent to speak at the secret fundraiser for Leftists with George Soros. The most obvious, significant evidence of his plan is the beta test he is running the Alabama election campaign. Bezos financed an entire team of Washington Post “Reporters” to work on this Senate race! The accusations that target the GOP nominee, Judge Moore, come through the Bezos paper. If the beta test produces a victory for Bezos and his chosen candidate, Jones…

We Predict: Bezos will handpick and finance up to 18 Senate candidates and up to 250 House candidates in 2018 elections. He will also pick and pay campaign expenses for several more Democrats in Gubernatorial races next year. His support for the Democrats in Virginia gave him his first big political win.

When you understand the stakes, you can vote for Moore and against Jeff Bezos and the Elites of the D.C. Swamp. Credible claims of sex abuse against Moore will be investigated by the Senate Ethics Committee and if any are proven he will have to resign just like the others have done and Sen. Al Franken has promised to do soon. Moore’s successor would be appointed by the GOP Governor of Alabama.

That is how thoughtful citizens of Alabama can vote for Moore.