Oct 06

GOP-Don’t Do Stupid

Republican resurgence can be traced to many factors but excessive partisanship and nasty behavior by Dems has been key in recent weeks. Our GOP leaders do dumb stuff with some regularity but when important principles come to play, we pass and Dems today fail almost every time. The handling of Judge Kavanaugh’s conformation proves the point. We were ethically restrained and the Dems were not.

Senators McConnell, Grassley, Graham and Collins have been principled and eventually wise with the politics. Pres. Trump, with one crowd driven error, has been behind-the-scenes brilliant. Please folks, let’s keep it that way!

No spiking the ball or victory laps. Judge Kavanaugh and his family should be the focal point after the vote. His wife and two daughters should be in the spotlight-not some politician.

Let Sen Schumer get all of the TV time he wants because slick and sleaze just aren’t selling right now. If the three femms in pointed black hats around the cauldron (Feinstein, Pelosi and Waters) want to parade and prance, let them get maximum exposure for any dance they pick.

Americans are not dumb (we don’t have to say the circus was a disaster-they know), they believe in fair play and they are tired of partisan excess.

Keep letting Dems shoot as long as the toes are theirs!

There is one exception with a matter that demands immediate action.

Trump Should…

Quietly direct the appropriate Federal Agencies to investigate the activities surrounding the Senate Confirmation process to determine whether or not any foreign government or group meddled in these activities. Special attention should be given to China, Russia and Iran.

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