Jan 31

Goodby Maxine and Please Don’t Come Back

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and 14 of her fellow Democrats boycotted America’s State of the Union report to the Congress last night. They were not missed. They did, of course, leave their constituents unrepresented but frankly the folks back home in those Districts were better off as was the Nation.

Time has passed by these race-baiting dinosaurs who drink bile and dine on hate. Worse than superfluous, they are impeding the progress of the people in general and their own communities in particular. There mere presence is counter-productive to the cause of equality in America. The caricatures they present do not even represent the battles of the past with honor because these poor examples of leadership serve only themselves instead of the noble cause of equality and meaningful freedom for all. With their hands in the public pocket and who knows where else, they bray like the donkey in the emblem of a political party that offers nothing but tired old ideas that failed everyone.

There are great new opportunities for modern leadership in the Black community. Patriots who give instead of grab and who have the courage to break the bondage of the Democratic Party will go far. Real leaders like U.S. Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) represent the future for Black, Brown and White people who work together for a better Nation for all.

Is there one Patriot left in the Democratic Congressional Delegation? It does not appear so.

Too much time has past for us to continue the repetition of voting for frivolous, self-serving fops. Elections must be about a future that is not only new but better. The policies of this President present an incredible opportunity for us to bring prosperity and dignity to millions of Americans of color. The only barrier is the tired old Democratic Party and the selfish sillies like Rep. Maxine Waters it keeps electing.