Jun 14

Follow the Money

As we predicted yesterday (“Cash, Comey and Clinton”), the IG report released today raises dozens of huge questions about why FBI Director Comey did what he did, said what he said and timed everything the way he did. We respectfully suggest that our explanations are far more likely than anything else published thus far. That includes the IG report itself which looked only at political motives and was obviously mystified by the same types of “Why” questions we raised yesterday.

Trump Should…

  • Ask that some honest team of reporters Follow the Money between Clinton interests and Comey.
  • Elevate the importance of restoring public confidence in our Law Enforcement agencies and the rule of law.
  • In that context, the EPA Director may, in some ways, have been victimized by partisans within his agency but he has also been incredibly inept with some of his decisions. He needs to go-sooner rather than later.

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