Apr 11

Follow the Money-Open Borders

The drug cartels, arms dealers and sex slavers are obvious “Money Motivated Advocates” for open borders.  Who are the others who make so much cash from this humanitarian crisis that they are willing to take the risks of apprehension, humiliation and punishment?

The answers may surprise you.

The most visible (because of their TV ads) is the Chamber of Commerce and other business groups outed by the self-interest of low wages shoved down by illegal border crossings! Why else do you think Spkr. Paul Ryan and Republicans in the House were bought off on Immigration reform? Rinos have to be replaced for Trump to be able to secure the borders.

It is important to know that most big corporate types today are leftist Democrats because they would profit the most from the scam of socialism. Corporate Elites love more government control because they control the government. Trump and the real Republicans are delivering the control (and money) back to the people. That is why the Elites hate Trump so much. His wins threaten not just Elite control, Trump is now a direct threat to their very survival.

These selfish simpletons don’t care who gets killed, raped or kidnapped into the sex trade, they want to save a buck on their maids, gardeners and other domestic workers. How sick is it to bait mothers to sacrifice their children in order to get a job in the U.S.?

Of course, the ultimate bottom line is the politics of “We think we can fix it so illegals vote and they will support us”. That is where the big money can be had.

Trump Should…

  • Push Mexico to help us close the border now
  • Publish data on downward pressure on wages from illegal immigration
  • Charge parents with child abuse when they force little children to march across Mexico to enter the US illegally. Charge non-parents bringing children with abuse and kidnapping.