Sep 29

FBI Must Interview Sen. Feinstein and Her Staff

One of the first set of interviews the FBI conducts must be of Sen. Feinstein and her staff. If she recommended or hired a political lawyer for Dr. Ford lawyer and that lawyer leaked Dr. Ford’s name just to accomplish a political objective, it will re-cast the entire matter. If that lawyer or others acting at her direction refused to let Dr. Ford know about Chairman Grassley’s repeated offers to meet her in California and in private, it will double down on the appearance that Sen. Feinstein orchestrated a scam on the Judiciary Committee, the Senate and the Nation.

Trump Should…

  • Allow the FBI to do a thorough job by including Sen. Feinstein on the list of those to be interviewed by the FBI.
  • Allow DOJ to prosecute Sen. Feinstein and/or her staff if laws were broken prior to the hearings or during these interviews.
  • If, as it is beginning to appear, Dr. Ford has been victimized by Sen. Feinstein, her lawyers and other Dems, he should express his heartfelt sympathy and encourage her to pursue civil remedies against the lawyers and everyone else that used her to gain political advantage for themselves and the Democrats.

Honest answers to the questions millions of Americans have about Dr. Ford, Judge Kavanaugh and Sen. Feinstein can only be answered by an investigation conducted by the FBI.

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