Sep 12



Only in Washington is it necessary to explain a short speech (16 lines) about an “unbelievably small” speech (“Full of sound and fury but signifying nothing”). It happens because some politicians don’t listen and others don’t want to understand. Short and simple are hard sells in Washington.

The “unbelievably small” speech was delivered by President Obama about his Syrian adventure. Sadly, the speech put the world spotlight on Obama’s propensity to talk out of both sides of his mouth. He simply is not known as a truthful person and now his character and obsession with politics are hurting America’s credibility everywhere.

The “short” speech we offered was merely our suggestion for what he should have said (and left unsaid).  It appears in its 16 line entirety as the column that precedes this report at the Political Prophet Predictions website and elsewhere.

We Recommend

Unlike the various proposals on Syria from Obama and assorted Members of Congress, our short speech keeps information about “when”, “where” and “how” operationally confidential. The “who” (anyone in Syria involved with poison gas) is completely clear. The unspoken elements (“when”, “where” and “how”) may cause the evil ones to engage in self administered “water torture”. Waiting for the hand of death has been known to stimulate contemplation followed by confession.

Our ability to identify bad guys, pinpoint their habits, associations and locations is well known even in remote areas of the world. Our ability to “reach out and touch” evildoers” is equally well known. The full operational outcomes may never become public but it may not matter because the bad guys on that list will try to live their lives never knowing what tomorrow may bring. They have earned fear as their reward for evil.

This approach brings focus specifically to the use of poison gas and it does so in a way that provides the ultimate deterrent to its use again. It would conclude when the gas is gone for good and it certainly does encourage Russia and the UN to go forward while sending the correct “message” to Iran, North Korea, Hezbollah and others. It provides a “win-win” outcome on our terms. The way it should be.

We believe that leading a successful foreign policy requires our President and those who represent us to master the diplomatic art of holding your tongue and your nose at the same time. In Egypt, Obama encouraged the fall of Mubarak (bad guy but extraordinarily helpful to Israel and to us) and Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood as his replacement. Replacing “our bad guy” with the enemy’s “bad guy” is dumb. The outcome for America would have been better if Obama’s political pros had told him to hold is nose and his tongue.  The Chicago amateurs just don’t get it.

Obama will make exactly the same mistake in Syria if we let him. He will not send his political advisers to the closet where they belong and his personal grasp of these matters is almost non-existent.

We Predict

If the adults somehow get control of our foreign policy, here is what will happen in Syria…

1)   It may take two years but all of the poison gas and Syria’s resources to produce and store it will be destroyed.

2)   The civil war will pause and foreign fighters will leave.

3)    A broader (perhaps uncontrollable) war will be averted.

4)   Assad will remain in a reduced, power sharing role.

5)   Putin will make huge concessions to us in order to keep Assad.

6)   Enough gas killers will be caught and killed to be a deterrent.

7)   Assad will claim they were a “rogue” group acting independently.

8)   We will hold our collective noses and tongues.

Yes indeed, foreign policy and defending the homeland can be cynical affairs. Nose and tongue holding are tools of the trade used by policy professionals but not by politicians. They just don’t have the guts to do it.

Editor’s Note

Earlier this week we predicted that his handling of the Syrian crisis would have a huge negative impact on Obama. Gallup came out that same day with a poll that found “no impact” on Obama by the Syrian matter. Today, the new Rasmussen Poll shows a twenty point jump in public disapproval of Obama’s handling of the Syrian problem. Disapproval is now at 60%. That, my friends, is why reading Political Prophet Predictions is essential for ethical journalists and for those who are decision-makers in business and politics.