Sep 04

Dumb Dem Damage

Both political parties have some stupid elected officials but the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing this morning demonstrated a shocking universality to dumb, rude, and crude behavior by every Democrat Committee Member. They did it on National Television for everyone to see and hear.
Senator Schumer (who orchestrated it and Pelosi who, no doubt, contributed content) probably loved the tone deaf sound of it.

It was incredible! Like most Americans who have or will see this silly parade of stupidity, I was ashamed that people throughout the world might use this disgusting display of selfish, partisan politics to form their opinions about us as a people. The crude, loud folks this morning clearly cannot manage, much less govern, themselves. It is now a great propaganda tool for Elitists and probably for terrorist recruiters as well.

Trump Should…

  • Tweet and issue a more detailed written statement sharply rebuking, by name, the Selfish Senators’ TV performance (I will do one of the first statement drafts today)
  • Tweet a challenge to the Elite-Controlled media to call these partisan hacks in the Senate to account with sharp questions. Call on them to identify the gallery protesters and to investigate the pre-hearing contact between them and Democrat political operatives.
  • Trump should invite Americans to contribute questions for Elite Media reporters to ask each Senator who was a part of the embarrassment this morning.
  • Have the Trump 2020 group air one or more campaign ads with video from this morning. Then call for common sense political debate with respect and courtesy. Democrat congressional majorities would institutionalize the videoed bad behavior.

This orchestrated display plus “Socialism” and “Impeachment” will, when Democrats continue down this path, change a significant number of outcomes in our favor in the 2018 races.

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