Oct 04

Do What She Says

Dr. Ford says she wants an FBI interview. The request came via her lawyer who should have advised her of the potential impact on her freedom such an interview under oath could present. Of course this is the same lawyer who should have told Dr. Ford that her privacy could be protected with a confidential interview at her home. Dr. Ford says she wasn’t told. She may be able to get rich by filing a malpractice suit against that lawyer and support for her move would be largely bi-partisan.

Trump Should…

  • Announce that the FBI can do a follow-up background interview today with Dr. Ford if that is what she wants
  • Suggest that the nation could benefit if that inquiry can confirm that Dr. Ford, Sen. Feinstein and their lawyers did not allow political considerations to impact the timing or any substantive aspects of the conformation process with Judge Kavanaugh.
  • Explain that the additional interview cannot be used to delay the vote so it will have to be done immediately.

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