Sep 27

Dems Destroying #MeToo and Don’t Care

Re-election is so important to Sen. Feinstein that she will destroy two young girls, a wife, a mother and Judge Kavanaugh himself to get some votes back home.

She and her Elite Dem friends in DC are also trying to give political cover to other weak Senators wanting to get re-elected so they joined forces with porn lawyer Avenatti. They are incredibly casual about destroying the gains made for women everywhere with the #MeToo movement.

Pres. Trump and Republicans throughout America can do the right thing by demanding truth from everyone. When women who are not Elites are mistreated, their path will be much harder because of what Dems have done to the movement that once made it easier to come forward. These women, their friends and families are not dumb and they will know that Elite Dems made their lives harder. Not one of the Dems on the Judiciary Committee will be able to resist the red glow of the TV light that signals “Camera on!” and they will strut on stage even as they are being purposely destructive.

Trump Should…

  • Note to Chairman Grassley that the Dems have already destroyed any decorum that remained in the Senate.
  • Encourage him to begin the hearing by asking Sen. Feinstein to provide Dr. Ford’s full letter, polygraph and therapist notes, and a believable explanation for her 7 week delay.

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