Apr 08

Boiling the Swamp

Analysis by; Editor@thePoliticalProphet.com

To sterilize harmful stuff we boil water. In Washington, boiling the swamp water will kill germs like McCabe, Comey, Strzok and the other corrupt leaders at the FBI. Holder, Lynch and the other pond scum that led our Department of Justice astray need boiling as well.

“Boil” in this sense means to purify and return to a state of cleanliness.

The damage done by vermin who live off public money then selfishly destroy trust in our top two law agencies is horrific. School Teachers across America have a new, special challenge trying to explain respect for law to kids who hear about corrupt FBI leaders. Intelligent adults are terrified by the reality that these thugs politicized and weaponized our legal system to push sinister political ambitions. They were joined by corrupt leaders like Brennan at the CIA and staffers in the Obama White House who ignored the rule of law.

The differences between life under the system they attempted to create and any dictatorship in the world are too small to count. The Corruptors were trying to take America to a place we have never been before. We have fought wars to gain and to protect “Government by the People”. We will not forfeit Freedom to swamp creatures like these.

Today our greatest risk is that corrupt news media will sugarcoat the seriousness of these crimes. They will parrot Democrat talking points claiming this is “Just politics” when it is actually a calculated attack on the foundation of the nation itself. If Russians or any other group outside the U.S. tried to take our freedom away, we would go to war.

Current office holders at all levels, whether Democrat or Republican, who impede the investigation of these crimes must be identified, shunned and, when justified by fact, charged with crimes themselves. No matter how high in government the facts lead, perpetrators must be charged. Yes, that includes those who worked at the highest levels of the White House if that is where the facts lead.

The same is true with criminals outside government who hide in the shadow world of the Elites. Yes, that includes the CEO’s of organizations including the news business if that is where the facts lead.

Wherever the prosecution of criminal activity is found, the maximum charges must be made to restore faith in our system of laws. There must be no double standards applied to this process. We cannot allow a pension forfeit to take the place of criminal punishment. We cannot tolerate Clinton style double standards to replace “Equal Justice For All” in this process.

To be clear, any Republican, any Trump appointee or staffer who tries to influence either these investigations or prosecutions like some Democrats appear to have done should suffer the same fate. When the foundation of our Republic is at stake, no quarter can be given. “Boil” them all!